Zihan Wang receives the ASME BPart Fellowship

Zihan Wang received the Broadening Participation (BPart) Fellowship from the ASME Design Engineering Division (DED). This fellowship includes a travel scholarship, the opportunity of presenting a research proposal with the Design Theory and Methodology Technical Committee, being guest of honors at an exclusive reception for BPart fellows, and receiving on-going mentorship from the DED community.

Kick off several new projects

In this year we have kicked off and will kick off several new projects, including

  • 3D metamaterial design for additive manufacturing (SHAP3D)
  • Battery electrode manufacturing (NIUVT)
  • Virtual investigation of structures (UConn CARIC)
  • Digital Twin Technologies (DoED GAANN)

Dr. Xu’s group is also recruiting a domestic PhD student as the GAANN fellow. If you are interested, please send your resume to hongyi.3.xu@uconn.edu.